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December 8, 2010
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Dragon ball height by kutoal Dragon ball height by kutoal
this`s just a aproximation of the height of the dragon ball main characters. here you have the link

i really like it is very simple , and thats all...i just wanna see how it look like....escribir en espaņol es mas facil---
son el porte de los personajes de DB, segun una de las ultimas ediciones de DBsuper excitingETC... lo traspase a una vieja imagen y ahi esta solo keria verlo a mi me gusto.. si tienen criticas...haganselas a toriyama o a toyanimation
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No problem. ^ ^
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Thanks mate
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Goku Height 196 cm
Vegeta 180 cm
Piccolo 300 cm
Gohan 165 cm
Trunks 195 cm
Tien 250 cm
Krillin 175 cm
Yamcha 210 cm
Nappa 350 cm
Broly 480 cm
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Noway! XD
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Where you found that height chart. This is false, because Chaoz is listed at 138 cm and Vegeta at 164 cm, but a person of 138 cm is taller than Vegeta’s waist, and Vegeta is near 2 times taller than Chaoz. I think that Chaoz apparenty at about 86 cm tall, and Krilin is at most about 135, not 153.
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mate, are not my words ([link])
Now that I’m back in Tokyo and reasonably non-jetlagged, I went out and got the Super Exciting Guide: Character Volume. Like the Story Volume, it’s mostly general information and things recycled from the daizenshuu, but there’s a few neat things, mostly in the Toriyama interview.

Character Profiles
The first big section is the Character Collection, which gives 1-2 page bios on important characters (with separate sections for heroes and villains), and a section with smaller bios for more minor characters (about a sentence to a paragraph each), divided up by story arc. Most of this is all the same old thing, but for the heroes it gives little boxes of their personal data, listing their race, height, weight, birth year, hobbies, favorite food, and favorite vehicle. The intro to this section says that these personal profile boxes were supervised by Toriyama. Goku, Tenshinhan, Chaozu, and Yamcha’s height and weights were already printed in Daizenshuu 7, and Yajirobe’s height was also given in Daizenshuu 7. The rest of the character heights and weights are new. Chaozu, Yajoribe, and Mister Satan’s birth years are new information; the rest were already printed in Daizenshuu 7. Videl’s birth year is given here as Age 757 (same year as Gohan), while in Daizenshuu 7 it’s given as 756 (same as Erasa and Sharpna). The hobbies and favorite foods and vehicles are a mixture of new information and things stated or implied in the series. The race category is all old information, so I left that part out.

but I will not discuss, but is toriyama who said this, nevertheless, if you thinks they are bigger is OK
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